The Answer is – BLOGGING


Perhaps you are reading this article as you are looking for ways to make money from home without investment.

Freelance writing or blogging is one of the most popular ways to make money from home.

It is the best part time job without investment.

You do not even need a blog or a website to start making money from home writing articles.

Said that, if you do own a blog or a website it is instant reliability at work.

It can be used as your work portfolio as well.

Look how you can start making money fast by making your own blog.


The Basics First


Let us share the basics first.

Who can be a freelance writer? Who can qualify as a blogger?

It can be anyone who knows how to write and frame grammatically correct sentences in English.

Anyone can start writing or blogging for a company or individual on a freelance basis.

Such contents can be for blogs, websites, product deceptions, press release, reviews, e-books , academic writing etc.


So, how will you make money from home writing articles ?


If you seriously want to start making money from home by blogging then you must first choose a subject, industry or a “niche” area.

Something which interests you. Also be sure to  check that there is a demand for the “niche” area chosen by you.

Don’t be a freelance writing professional who is ready to write about anything and everything.

Concentrate on blogs, websites and areas related to your subject.

Niche freelance writing professionals and bloggers are always in high demands.

If what you are writing interests you, soon you will gain an in-depth knowledge about your “niche” and can become an expert writer on such topics of your choice.


Understanding SEO

Blogging cannot be random. You cannot sell a smart phone and blog about fashion for example.

The topics you blog about must be related to the business. This is known as Topic driven content creation.


Ways to Make Money Blogging


  1. Become a Freelance Writer – Make money writing for clients
  2. Become a Blogger – Contribute content writing services for other blogs and websites.
  3. Become a Web Content Writer- Websites of reputed brands, products and services need freelance writing professions to write content for their websites.


Content writing services for clients requires lots of patience, hard work and cautiousness.

Earning potential by working from home blogging are plenty.

Some of the best companies are getting their content written by professional home based content writers and bloggers.


3 Things  to Make Money Blogging 

  • A Computer.

  • An Internet Connectivity

  • A Great Attitude for Learning.


Beware of Frauds


Finding high paying reliable clients really takes up years of time.

There are associated risks of frauds and scams in content writing profession.

If you are under the impression that all content writing companies offering work from home are scams, you may give it a second thought.

There are plenty of authentic and reliable people and content writing companies offering steady works.  There can be many scams and frauds happening.

The secret to a successful freelance career is learning how to move far from scams and get involved with real people offering real jobs.

Secrets of a Legitimate Client


Here is a secret: Legitimate clients will never speak less with you.

They don’t believe in less communication.

Rather they want to know you better and in-depth so they can have a long term work relationship with a freelancer.

Offering content writing services to other blogs or websites is comparatively easier and safer bet.

You can offer high quality content and get paid fast. However, the biggest criteria and challenge is providing high quality content.


No matter what your experience levels are, making money from home can be done anytime and from anywhere by blogging.

All you need is a little bit of diligence and flexibility. And you will not be cheated for the content writing services you provide.


Content writing services  and blogging are a legit way to make money from home. And the gifts of working from home is unique. Read more to see how.

Many of us love the idea of earning extra money working from home or quitting the full time job completely. Well, this will not make you filthy rich.

But, it will definitely add some extra bucks in your bank account.

What are you waiting for? We can help you out create bulk topic driven blog content to sell your business better at affordable rates.

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